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Digital marketing is a multi-channelled world and it poses real challenge. Not merely because of the speed of change but the ever evolving nature of the change itself. Whether it is m-commerce adoption, changes to Google search algorithms, or social media, defining a strategy and executing a plan can be uphill tasks. Serantau WebTECH provides the right amount of knowledge and services covering all aspects of 'content marketing' from user experience within your site, through to external channels for content publishing, distribution, social sharing and engagement.

Empowering Staff

Technology can be a stumbling block for some employees. But if your staff can use a word processor, they can use the basic functions of a CMS. Even slightly more advanced features such as adding media are easy to grasp. That cuts down your training time and costs. With a CMS in place, your staff are much more likely to add regular content.


Regularly updating your content doesn’t mean being a slave to the system. The blog posts and product pages you create can be set to go live when you choose. That allows you to structure your content as part of a wider marketing plan.

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