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Quality & Functional

Serantau WebTECH is a specialist Joomla agency that has been creating large scale Joomla websites since 2009. All of our sites are built to the highest quality standard, We deliver high performing, functional websites.

User Experience & Design

Regardless of how visually sleek or practically powerful any product might be, if the end user finds it awkward, frustrating or confusing to use, it is not delivering. This is where User Experience & Design come into play. From user personas to the information architecture, from brand guidelines to mapping of the journey, we create engaging User Experiences whilst ensuring high level functionality and usability websites

Content Management System (CMS)

Every website is supported by a CMS which is a tool for managing online content. When used correctly, it can solve all the issues that comes up during the mapping journey and deliver a perfect digital experience for both the user and customers. Your CMS is also safe and secure, granting specific permissions to individual users when need be.

Maintenance & Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All software applications need maintenance to operate smoothly over time. It is crucial to constantly maintain, monitor and measure the website performances. Our SLA assists you in performance maintenance area, together with any new enhancements that can be made along the way to optimize the customer journey.


With our hosting infrastructure partners and AWS, Serantau WebTECH offers a full cloud platform for Joomla, ensuring unparalleled reliability, security and performance for Joomla CMS. Our daily backup options can also recover your critical information in the event of a data loss or a system breach.

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