DELIRIUM Coffee is a new cafe that was opened by the same owner from Antipodean Coffee. The differences are that more New Zealand-style cafe food was served. The same quality coffee from Antipodean is served at this new cafe.


The website has to be simple and intriguing. It has to house all the various types of food and beverages offered including prominent display for the menu.


We started by doing a layout of the content. We shot every single food that was prepared during the food tasting process. This feeds into the MENU preparation for the site and also the colour aspect of the website.


Open source CMS (Content Management System) was the right choice for the site, in which it allows for easy maintenance and content management in the future. We matched printed MENU and MENU that was displayed inside the website. We kept it simple within four sections of the menu.


The website has drawn 18,000 audience after it was launched and a full cafe ever since.

1st version (2015-2017)

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