MARANATHA House of Prayer

MARANATHA House of Prayer (MARANATHA) is a Jesuit retreat centre. This retreat centre is based on Ignatian spirituality. Based in Janda Baik, MARANATHA has been organising and facilitating retreats since 2004. 


The management committee of MARANATHA wanted to have a website that provides a fresh new look. The website also needs to adapt to the variety of devices that may be used to view the site. Especially in a 24 inch monitor screen, where there must not be any empty space between left and right of the screen. 

The committee also emphasised in having more information in pictorial format that showcases the beauty of the retreat centre and its surrounding nature and its rich programme content. They also needed to enhance MARANATHA's online registration platform by adding a payment gateway system. 


We have decided to build the website using responsive design that adapts to the nature of devices used to view the website. Having a payment gateway is a straight forward solution. However, the challenge that we took on our stride was to design an online registration system that is able to accept the right number of participants according to its retreats. The reason is because in MARANATHA, each retreat has a unique number of allocated seats for participants. 


We roped in the Church of St Francis Xavier’s photographer team to come forward and shoot new images of the Retreat Centre. With the responsive designed platform, we added in the relevant payment gateway, including the function of customising number of allocated seats for every retreat. The system automatically keeps in check the number of seats being sold for each of the retreat. Hence, it only allows number of seats that was determined by the administrator to be sold to a potential client. 

We have also added in location map which shares the ability of google map. Each retreat is provided with a retreat master (spiritual companion) and displayed in various formats. 


Retreats are sold earlier rather than last minute or closer to its closing dates. Potential participants are made known on the clear details of each retreat. More visual information on the retreat centre entices more potential participants to register for these Jesuit retreats.The real time online consolidated registrations also enable different administrators at different locations, i.e. Petaling Jaya, where MARANATHA correspondence office is located at and Janda Baik, the retreat centre location to respond back to registered participants with speed and efficiency.

1st version (2009 - 2015)

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