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Antipodean Coffee has recently gained the likes of the young and elite diners from all walks of life. Antipodean’s unique selling point is their very own Indonesian home brewed “Merdeka Coffee”.

At Merdeka Coffee, they believe in developing partnerships with small hold growers and farmers, both at plantation and village level. A percentage of their profits are shared with their Indonesian partners, with an intention for them to develop their communities, their expertise in coffee and to assist them in promoting efforts to conserve the environment.


Antipodean Coffee original website was built using an old programming code. It made the website difficult to be edited or even to be updated with any latest information. A lack of information on the website could lead to poor turnout at Antipodean cafés. Prospective cafe aficionados were also deprived of a chance to know Antipodean’s home brewed coffee which is made available.


In September 2012, Antipodean Coffee website underwent redevelopment. Our approach was not to make significant changes with the look and feel of the webpages. We kept much of the old look, but reorganised all the images and the web content. Reason in maintaining the look and feel of the website is mainly due to strong association of Antipodean’s existing clients to Antipodean’s corporate colours used in all their cafés and website, which are black and maroon.


New information was added on, especially on the cafés' locations which span across Asia in Sydney, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Maps were added for every café to provide the exact location of the café for the convenience of prospective patrons.

Blogs took over official café news and now give further information on wholesale coffee supplies. Antipodean’s community work, news and happenings are now gathered and displayed in the Press & News section.


The rationale behind the redevelopment of the website is to provide the much needed information to their loyal and new customers. It also helped to realise Antipodean’s dream of becoming the place where people gather and bond over cups of great coffee.

1st version (2012-2013)
2nd version (2014-2015)
3rd version (2015-2019)

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