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Merdeka Coffee is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Merdeka Coffee was established in 2001 as a micro-roasting company focusing on the glorious array of wonderful Arabica coffees that are available in the Indonesian archipelago. Merdeka Coffee has established cafes, known by the name Antipodean Café, and located in Jakarta- Indonesia, Sydney – Australia, and Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.


The old website was built on an old web platform. Despite having the Indonesian motive craft in it, it is not an appealing website to potential customers due to its static design.

As time goes by, the founder Alun Evans wanted to have a corporate video that could showcase Merdeka Coffee’s high-grade coffee beans that are harvested from community villages, its roasting process that takes place at different location in Asia, and the identity of its unique Merdeka Coffee brand including their Astoria coffee machines. 

The founder also wished to portray Merdeka Coffee services to the existing and also new cafes and offices.


We broke it down to several criteria. We endeavoured to make a new Merdeka Coffee website that:-
- features Merdeka Coffee’s high quality harvested and roasted beans.
- provides information about their services to the cafes and offices.
- helps promote the exclusively marketed Astoria Coffee Machines in addition of Merdeka Coffee beans.
- comes with an online web based supply-chain service, with accounting function.
- has the versatility of being adaptable and viewable in different computer devices /screens.


We rebuilt the entire Merdeka Coffee website using responsive design (that could change according to the devices that we use to view the website) and incorporating the corporate video that features Merdeka Coffee services and their delegated bean processing processes.

And the difference that comes together with Serantau Web Technology with all our web developments and rich business experiences, we’ve decided to add in a web-based e-commerce supply chain process system to the backend of the Merdeka Coffee website, to track the company beans’ sales and the entire billing processes. For the front end, an online web shopping ability to assist in speeding up the sales cycle process between Merdeke Coffee and their cafes and offices.


There is a reported increase in walk-in customers at their own Antipodean cafes. Overseas enquiries for Merdeka Coffee beans has gradually increased in tandem with the beans’ revenue. Backend operation processes have become leaner and more efficient.

1st version (2012-2014)

Corporate Videos that goes along
with the Merdeka Coffee website

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